My Diet My Life: A Simple Story

The Toothpaste Tube

When I opened my new tube of toothpaste, I noticed that my husband’s toothpaste tube was nearly empty.  (Yes, we like different kinds of toothpaste.) Thinking of how getting rid of a little every day works, I thought about my diet in relation to the tube of toothpaste.  A toothpaste tube starts out plump, but winds up skinny as a little is removed each day. Keep healthy, easy-to-eat, delicious snacks on the kitchen counter, like seedless red grapes, or small colorful grape tomatoes, which contain loads of antioxidants and don’t need any preparatiyon or peeling. They make it easy to choose healthy food instead of junk. Junk food turns into junk fat, and my body isn't a junk yard.  Removing a few calories of high-caloric junk food each day will help get me slim again.

My Diet My Life: Another Simple Story

The Ant Trap

It is a choice to have healthy food in the house rather than cupcakes, cookies and candy or whatever jfk's (junk food killers) I may want to drag in here. It's like the ant traps my husband set in front of our house; the ants go to the traps and pick up the granules and take them back to their "houses," but the seemingly delicious granules kill them. The ants are deceived, because they think that they have found a treasure trove of goodies conveniently located right outside their door, but it's poison and will exterminate them. They thought it was nutrition for them to take home and give to their families, but it wasn't. I am like that ant. But the difference is this, I now know what those little sugar granules are doing to me. I know now that I would be replacing what I need to be eating with what I'd want to be eating. And I know what I'd want is really poison to my system, cells, organs, delicate retinal blood vessels, regular blood vessels, entire body, etc. My wants don't always keep me healthy and eventually won't even make me happy.

The more jfk's I eat, the more weight I gain, and the unhappier I become. It's an inverse relationship; the more I think I'll be happy, the less happy I actually become as I gain weight. So, why would I even think of eating them? If I look past this moment to see the reality of where this is heading, I'll stop dead in my tracks and choose health, before it literally stops me dead in my tracks.

Don't get bogged down, blog instead! Instead of being quick to eat, be quick to CLICK AND BLOG.