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My Diet and Health: Walking

Step into Health!

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WALKING and the Fountain of Youth: What do they have in common?

Walking to find the Fountain of Youth helps to get me there faster than sitting around and thinking about it, Do something to slow the decline and the aging. Wishing doesn't make it so.

Start walking to live longer and feel younger. It's a steady, consistent way to stay on track, lose weight and stay healthy.

How about using a step tracker in order to make walking more fun!

Walking is an action step that reaps rewards.

Walking helps me:

Burn calories

Rejuvenate and Restore my body

Reduce weight &, therefore, lessen stress on joints

Increase bone strength and stamina

Increase blood flow and oxygenation to the body's cells

And can even improve one's outlook on life!


Walk Off the Weight!


While driving to Wisconsin I listened to a very informative CD by experts on walking. Dr. Andrew Weil, M.D., and Mark Fenton, walking coach and America's best-known walker, give suggestions on the two-CD set called, "Walking~the Ultimate Exercise for Optimum Health". Some things they mention are the benefits of walking and tips for getting the most out of walking.

The Walking CD image

Mark Fenton is also the author of The Complete Guide to Walking for Health, Weight Loss and Fitness.

Complete Guide to Walking

They report that walking is the supreme form of exercise.  Moderate walking, 30 minutes a day, even when broken down into three 10-minute segments, gives health benefits. The maintenance of physical activity throughout life is one of the reasons that healthy older people ARE healthy and have lived longer.  The goal is to be active, and they stress that in order to stay healthy, we must move more by walking more. 

There are many advantages to walking: Our bodies are made for walking, everyone knows how to do it, it's free, it's calming, it reduces anxiety, we can do it anywhere, and it allows for a low risk of injury. Moving joints without jarring, keeping bones, joints, and muscles fit is easily done with walking, and it even provides all the health benefits of any exercise.

So, I guess there is just no excuse not to do it; it's one of those totally doable exercises.
Using a pedometer has helped and encouraged me to get out and walk. WOW! Walk Off the Weight! Click here and save and read about the best pedometer, which I have been using for over a year. It's also the one that Chicago's Channel 7 News team reported as being the best quality and the best value for the money. It helps keep me focused and excited to put in a little time each day toward improving my health. According to the Tufts Health & Nutrition Letter, January, 2009, (p.8) "an active lifestyle with moderate amounts of aerobic activity will likely improve cognitive and brain function" and "might even reverse the neural decay frequently observed in older adults." A few simple changes may help save me from decline and decay. What a deal! To top it off, walking is free. Processed junk food is costly, in more ways than just in dollars spent. But, thinking about walking is different than doing it. It's worth the work that it takes to put on the pedometer and walk.

It's a simple solution: I must be my own self-advocate, make my own health a priority by putting healthy food into my mouth and engaging in healthy exercise, like walking. These simple activities can improve my health and my life. And, by making myself a priority, I'll be able to live my very "best life". And, you can do it, too!


How I began:

I started by sending an e-mail request to three friends asking them whether they would mind if I wrote them each day to tell them what I was eating. You can read more of this journey by going to Getting Started and Previous Articles.

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