A Resolution to Keep On Keepin’ On ~ Part 3

"End of the Storm" by ©Terry Tasche, Montrose, chicago, Halloween storm, rainbow, lake michigan waves, storm

“End of the Storm” by ©Terry Tasche

It’s important that goals are written down and posted where you can see them, because working without a goal is a recipe for never getting it done. Writing them down to be reminded every day is a critical action step, because, like a comedian I heard say, “I have a good memory, but it’s short!”

Seeing the relationship between your old actions and how you got to where you are today helps crystalize the need for healthier actions and the necessity that changes need to happen, now. “Don’t be a fool. Why should you die before your time?”* ~ said the wise King Solomon

Take two of the resolutions and write down what skills you need in order to accomplish them. For instance:

  • Eating less junk food would mean not buying it. Stay focused on the healthy aisles in the grocery store and stir clear of the junk food. If it’s not around, it can’t be eaten. For instance, when you are hungry, you can say, “I am hungry. I will eat an orange or an apple and some nuts.” Nuts and fruity fiber are filling and will satisfy physical hunger. Knowing why is important.
  • Exercising, just plain old physical activity, means planning it into your day. Plan the time to take a walk. Plan to do some simple strength-training exercises and stretching as soon as you get up each morning, before you forget. And, be sure to get the okay to do them from your doctor.

A coach makes his/her team member who misses a day of sit-ups, for example, do twice as many the next day. Not letting them pile up is easier than having to do twenty the next day or thirty the next. An incentive to do them every day is so you won’t have to double and triple the number the following days. If you want to accomplish doing seventy sit-ups each week, it’s easy to do ten each day.

Would you like to know what can help keep you out of a nursing home? It’s a simple and important exercise that a physical therapist told a friend of mine. Sit down and stand up from a kitchen chair ten times each day to improve balance and leg strength. Do this twice each day. Now that’s a great incentive and worth remembering.

Make these your most important resolutions today, because 1) when the hunger is satisfied, the physical craving stops, and 2) when muscles are exercised, calories are burned, strength is gained, and weight goes down. These are commitments you can make to and for yourself.

Since destruction doesn’t happen quickly, but slowly and insidiously, the consequences of eating all that junk food, fried food, refined flour, refined sugar, and excessive calories, goes unnoticed until the day of doom. At that time you may wonder what happened.

Plan your day in advance. Resolve to keep those resolutions for a healthier you. Keep the vision, and keep on keepin’ on!

The image above, “End of the Storm,” caused Chicago’s Lake Michigan to rage on one recent Halloween day. May this be the end of a storm in your life.

BTW, here’s the link to a website that has the BMI formula, a BMI calculator, and also a BMI classification chart. http://www.bmi-calculator.net/

*Ecclesiastes 7:17b

Copyright © Terry Tasche – All Rights Reserved

3 Responses to A Resolution to Keep On Keepin’ On ~ Part 3

  1. Terry Tasche January 12, 2015 at 11:19 am #

    A reader sent me an email this morning, “Good article. Do you do sit ups every day?”

    Here’s my reply:
    My New Year’s resolution is this: the best way to get them done is to do them right away when I wake up. I spoke with a trainer who said to scrap the sit-ups, because they can be bad for the back. Instead, replace them with “Planks” for strengthening the core. I’m sure there are photos & instructions online showing how to do them. Also, do “leg-lifts” while sitting in a chair, like a kitchen chair. Bring one knee up at a time to the chest, or as high as is comfortable. Simple stretching is important, too. Always check with your doctor before engaging in any exercise plan.
    Doing them right away when I get up wakes me up and makes me feel like I have already accomplished something toward my health and wellbeing before I get distracted and forget to do them. 🙂
    A few minutes each day can add up to more healthy years.

  2. Emily January 17, 2015 at 1:30 am #

    I was avoiding the suggestions in theses past 3 articles because I did not want to disappoint myself by setting a goal and not keeping it. But your point is to visualize the goal by writing it out and placing it someplace to remind us. So I’m going to try writing down a resolution to exercise every morning, put it on my nightstand and see what happens. What really convinced me to try was the idea of exercise as a preventitive to a nursing home.

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