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Girl in red dress running along Chicago's lakefront with Chicago skyline in the background with a beautiful sky and seagulls flying in the sky.

Missing in Action ~ Part 2

We have covered the importance of exercise to make muscles more muscular, to rev up our metabolism, and to increase the ability to help improve mobility. And, that’s just for Monday. Here are all the days of the week with each day’s related mindset, which begins with the letter of each day . . .

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"Red Bull out in Left Field" by Terry Tasche

The Coming Distractions!

Like many distracting billboards you see along country roads, this image, “Chicago Bull out in Left Field,” would likely get your attention and distract you from your driving. Billboards read: “Coming Soon” “Don’t miss . . .” “Be sure to see . . .!” They are distractions billed as main attractions that will enhance your […]

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Misty Flight, or Foggy Day at Lincoln Ponds

Be in It to Win It!

I noticed that Curves fitness centers are advertising nutrition classes. I’m all for that, because educating the masses will help motivate their classes. Education promotes motivation: 1) Knowledge is where healthy eating starts. 2) It helps remove the brain fog that junk food brings. 3) Education reprograms the mind to think healthier thoughts. 4) Unmanageable mental processes begin to […]

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