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The First Line of Defense: Knowledge

What is the first line of defense regarding your health and how to prevent illness and disease? The answer is, without a doubt, knowledge, i.e., knowledge of what is important and why. Then,  of course, the application of healthy knowledge to your life can give you the healthy results you want and need. If you want […]

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Read the Directions!

              Does anyone else hate to read the directions, therefore, you just don’t do it? One day I happened upon an article in my American Nurse journal and found that calcium carbonate, a supplement I’d been taking for years, needs to be taken with food. It stated that this is necessary […]

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Biograph Reflections at the Biograph Theater, Chicago

FBI vs Public Enemies

A fascinating transformation took place on Chicago’s Lincoln Avenue in order to replicate scenes from the 1930’s when the strategic final scene of the Johnny Depp movie, Pubic Enemies, was filmed there. Antique cars, along with actors dressed in vintage clothing, lined the street for the movie. Johnny Depp played the infamous and notorious bank robber, John […]

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