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Gondolier, Venetian Harbor, Venice, Italy, Venice light post

Body Bank Deposits

“If we do not change our direction, we are likely to end up where we are headed.” We all know that depositing checks, cash, and gold coins into our financial bank accounts heads us in the direction of future financial health. Like making deposits into bank accounts, it’s just as important to . . .

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"Red Bull out in Left Field" by Terry Tasche

The Coming Distractions!

Like many distracting billboards you see along country roads, this image, “Chicago Bull out in Left Field,” would likely get your attention and distract you from your driving. Billboards read: “Coming Soon” “Don’t miss . . .” “Be sure to see . . .!” They are distractions billed as main attractions that will enhance your […]

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Girl and dog in snow, Chicago skyline

The Sweet-Tooth Fairy

Have you ever noticed that the longer a problem exists and nothing is done, the bigger and bigger the problem becomes? It doesn’t go away, but turns into something more difficult to control.  It never ever gets better and often gets worse. Remember the old camp song, “The horse stood around with his foot on […]

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Duck with a perch fish in its mouth being chased by a seagull

The Junk Food Tyrant

                      It took some fast action and quick thinking for this little girl duck  to escape the tyrant “gully” bully who was trying to keep her from her healthy food choice, a delicious perch. But, she kept her focus, held on, and had a healthy meal! […]

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Architectural Abstract

That UFO Has to Go!

 “Architectural Abstract” by © Terry Tasche That Unhealthy Food Obsession (UFO) has to go! That UFO hovers overhead till we eventually give in and finally give it access inside our heads. It takes over our thinking and carries us away to tantalizing temptations, to a junk food paradise of unhealthy food. How we wish we could […]

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