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“Sweet” Smarts

  Don’t Delay. Start Today.  When You Control the Carbs, You Control the Craving! Complex Carbs (foods with fiber like fruits & vegetables) can help Curb Craving. Sweet and Simple Carbs (RS/RF refined sugar & refined flour foods) can Cause Craving. One fast, but maybe not so easy, way to stop eating junk-food carbs, called simple carbs, is […]

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Misty Flight, or Foggy Day at Lincoln Ponds

Be in It to Win It!

I noticed that Curves fitness centers are advertising nutrition classes. I’m all for that, because educating the masses will help motivate their classes. Education promotes motivation: 1) Knowledge is where healthy eating starts. 2) It helps remove the brain fog that junk food brings. 3) Education reprograms the mind to think healthier thoughts. 4) Unmanageable mental processes begin to […]

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Keep It Simple, Sweetheart!

Happy Valentine’s Day! The popular hit song by  “We Five” starts out, “When I woke up this morning, you were on my mind.  You were on my mind.”  I thought, “I know what they’re singing about, and what’s often on my mind. They must be singing about my favorite things, sugar and refined carbs.” When all you […]

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