Challenge: Go One Week without Junk Food!

Life's too Short

Life’s too Short!

Let’s go cold turkey for one whole week! You heard that right.

It’s time for the One-Week-Without-Junk-Food Challenge. 

Doesn’t that sound like a fun thing to do? What an exciting adventure!

My husband suggested I do the first week all by myself, and then You can join in when you want.

I’ve posted each day here as I focused and worked hard to have a  junk-food FREE week, a whole 7 days.

Since desserts are a main concern for me, I plan to eat fruit & nuts for dessert, just like they do in Europe.

Let’s call this week our European Stay-cation!

This Healthy Stay-cation will be more fun when you join in.

Day One

Day One_ mdml_Monday

Hello to all you junk food lovers,

Here’s to the first successful day of this week without junk food!

So, what can I eat that tastes good and is not junk food?

Yogurt, blueberries, coffee, water, nuts, cheese, turkey, fresh and dried fruit, olives, mayo, mustard, OJ, water, diet tonic with lime, and my favorite, one ounce of dark chocolate.

What’s for breakfast that tastes good and is not junk food?

Breakfast_ Greek yogurt w/flxsd, blueberries, Coffee, small OJ, water & vitamins

How about lunch?

Lunch_Sliced turkey, Sliced tomato, mozzarella, basil leaf w/dk cherry balsamic dressing, water

Healthy snacks are so important.

Snack_Almonds & walnuts, Banana wPB, diet tonic with lime

Dinner_Sliced turkey, Colby cheese on 1 slice ww toast wMayo & Mustard, olives

Dessert_Dried cranberries & raisins, dry roasted peanuts (fruit and nuts).


P.S. The interesting thing is that I have totally enjoyed my life without junk food today.

Surprise! The food I ate today tasted better than usual. Also, I wasn’t continually thinking about when I could have some junk food.

A really nice spin-off, and a bit surprising, is that I have not at all felt deprived. Yea!


Day Two_mdml_Tuesday 


I said yesterday, on Day One, that I did not feel deprived. Why is that?

I ate sensibly, with relatively small amounts at fairly frequent intervals. Starving is not a good option, but eating small amounts more often has been helpful.

I didn’t allow myself to get overly hungry, because that’s a huge trigger for me. When I’m “starving,” I’ll eat whatever’s handy, whether it’s healthy or not.

Another important point is to eat food I like. No cabbage soup!

Breakfast_ Whole Grain cereal w/sliced nectarine, Coffee, water & vitamins

Lunch_ Banana wPB, raisins, water

Snack_Almonds & walnuts, dried cherries

Dinner_ Sliced tomato, mozzarella, basil leaves, baby spinach, w/dk cherry balsamic dressing, Parmesan cheese

Think Thin Crunch Protein bar (9 Gm protein, 4 Gm fiber, 180 cals), water

Slice of turkey before bed (The tryptophan in turkey element helps with sleep.)

Here’s to happy eating and healthy living,


P.S. I am liking this plan a lot. It is totally doable and doesn’t seem

so daunting since it’s only for one week!  🙂


Day Three_mdml_Wednesday

Breakfast_ just Coffee, water & vitamins–Running late, and having an early lunch

Lunch_1/2 cranberry turkey sandwich, cup tomato soup, small salad, water

Snack_ Banana, raisins, Almonds & walnuts, dried cranberries

Dinner_ Hamburger pattie, ketchup, slice of Colby cheese, ½ Think Thin Protein bar, cubes of watermelon, regular cherries for dessert

Slice of turkey before bed (for the tryptophan element for sleep)

Here’s to happy eating and healthy living,


P.S. All I can say is, I am finding the challenge of going one week without junk food is a very good way to stop the insanity of the insatiable appetite for junk food.

After all, it’s only for one week! It’s definitely worth a try. I know that plenty of junk food will be available next week, and forever after, for that matter.


Day Four_mdml_Thursday


I see that I have chosen to start this challenge during a HOLIDAY week!

Tomorrow is the 4th of July, a challenging day!

Oh, well. There is always an excuse for eating junk food.

If I can make it through the 4th of July, I will be especially happy.

As I said before, I’m supposed to be on a European STAY-CATION, and they don’t even celebrate the 4th of July in Europe anyway.

Breakfast_ Greek yogurt w/flxsd/chia seeds & blueberries, coffee, water, vitamins

Lunch_1/2 turkey sandwich on ww w/tomato & baby spinach & mayo, milk

Snack_Almonds, walnuts, banana, slice of red pepper

Dinner_hamburger pattie, slice of Colby cheese, milk, raisins

Slice of turkey & 3 oz milk before bed.

Here’s to happy eating and healthy living,


P.S. Here’s a Delicious Dessert that’s simple and colorful Red, White, and Blue, that’s not made with loads of sugar!

Red White and Blue Dessert 4th of July dessert, Strawberry, Honey, Cool Whip & cream cheese, Blueberry

Red White and Blue Dessert












Use tool to remove the Strawberry stem.

Add a few drops of honey inside strawberry.

Then fill with  a dollop of Cool Whip + cream cheese, which is sold in combination together. Pretty delightful.

Top with a blueberry.

I put it into one of my two Ed Debevik’s mini Sundae cups, or an antique eye cup will work, too.



Day 5_mdml_4th of July_Fri_


Breakfast_ Greek yogurt w/blueberries, flxsd & chia seeds, Coffee, water & vitamins

Snack_Lemonade, my Red-White-Blue Strawberry Dessert

Lunch_ ate out_2 eggs, 1 sausage pattie, 1 ww toast w jam, 3 bites potatoes, coffee, water


Dinner_1 slice turkey, 1 slice ham, tabuli, 1 small cookie, 1 small piece 4th of July American Flag cake made with bananas, strawberries & blueberries. Not too bad.

Oh, and the hostess on the boat was serving “Pain Killers” to drink.

Walked from Randolph & the lake to Chicago Avenue & Michigan Avenue to catch the subway home.

The weather was perfect and I watched the fireworks display on TV.


P.S. Tomorrow there’ll be another challenge, because I’m going to an Open House for a combo birthday/graduation party where the hostess always has lots of delicious desserts along with the other food.


Day 6_mdml_Saturday_


Breakfast_ Smoothies w/Greek yogurt w/blueberries, flxsd & chia seeds, strawberries,

banana, baby spinach, blueberries, OJ, Orange, Coffee, water & vitamins

Snack_Lemonade, one Red-White-Blue Strawberry Dessert, fresh fruit

Lunch_ Slice of turkey, raisins, lemonade

Snack_Banana, almonds, walnuts, Salsa  w/5 Scoops chips

Dinner_1 slice turkey, cereal with raisins, sausage pattie, dried cranberries, milk



Day 7_mdml_Sunday_Day Seven


Breakfast_ Hot Chocolate with 1 tsp instant coffee, water & vitamins

Snack_Banana, almonds, walnuts, raisins, dried cranberries, water

Lunch/Dinner_Graduation/Birthday Party_Salads, small pieces of cheesecake and choc cake, water

3 oz milk before bed


P.S. I have moved the Challenge tab to the drop-down menu under the Health 101 tab on my blog website. Here’s the link: Move your cursor over the Health 101 tab and you’ll see the drop-down menu, which includes “About” and the “Challenge” tabs. Choose and click on the Challenge tab.

Tomorrow the scale will let me know how I did this week.

Day 8_mdml_Mon_Week 2_


Breakfast_ Coffee, then Hot Chocolate with 1 tsp instant coffee, water & vitamins

Lunch_Smoothie, Ranier cherries, Think Thin Protein bar (180 cals, protein 9gm)

Snack_1 C SP popcorn, 6 Scoops Chips w/Salsa

Dinner_BK jr. whopper, small onion rings, water

3 oz Sundae (A mini celebration!)


P.S. I finished my week-without-junk food Challenge on a good note.

I have good news! I have lost 2 lbs since last Sunday. Cutting down on junk food definitely has its benefits.

I avoided a lot of junk food. Actually, I had lost 4 lbs by this morning, but the 2 extra were probably a result of food poisoning last night. Luckily I was only very sick for an hour. It may have been from the salads at the celebration, which had been out all day by the time I got there and ate.

But, I am happy about the 2 I lost and hope to keep them off!

Now onto this week.

It has become quite clear that it’s a must to HAVE A HEALTHY PLAN on hand. Because, without a plan, we’re gonners, and most likely we’ll be “gainers,” too!

  • Keep lean protein, like a protein bar, and healthy snacks that contain healthy fats on hand, like nuts.
  • Avoid high-caloric carbs this week if the desire is to be trim and sleek.
  • Choose fiber foods, because they’re filling.
  • This can only happen when you’re willing.
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