KISS: Keep It Simple, Sweetheart!

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By Terry Tasche, R.N., B.S.N.

The battle never ends. The sugary products are prettier than ever and have a powerful pull.

  • If you find that you’re gaining weight, it might be that you’re either not burning enough calories or eating too many calories.
  • You could try growing taller, or becoming an athlete. 🙂
  • Or, a more plausible solution, an easy way to stop eating junk-food, called simple carbs, is to stop buying them. That way you will avoid enticing and tempting opportunities.
  • Because, when you Control the Carbs, You Control the Craving!
  • So, Step One is to control the purchase. In so doing, you make up your mind to buy healthy food, and you strive to do it.
  • Complex Carbs, like those contained in fruits and vegetables, Curb Craving. Sweet and Simple Carbs, found in junk food, Cause Craving.
  • Instead, put the money into healthy foods that reduce the craving and satisfy when hunger strikes.
  • You’ll save money and your health.
  • Do you feel like you don’t know how to start losing weight, or how to win at losing it?
  • Do you want to know how to forge forward with enthusiasm, excitement and determination?
  • Get onboard to stop failing and start winning.
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The music group We Five had a popular hit song that starts out, “When I woke up this morning, and you were on my mind.  You were on my mind.”  It made me think: They’re singing about my favorite food, sugar and refined carbs, aren’t they? When all we think about is how and when we can get to the “good stuff” and want to forget the healthy offerings, we may have crossed over into what I call your UFO (Unhealthy Food Obsession). That’s when you can know that something is wrong with your thinking. Minds become obsessed, clear thinking disappears, and you’re in trouble once again. “Oh, I’ve got troubles; whoa, whoa. I’ve got worries, whoa, whoa,” and so the song goes. If you didn’t have troubles before, you’d have them before long as you delve deeper into the sugar insanity. Where and when would it all end? You’re alive, so there’s still hope!

Valentine’s Day is here again when sugar takes center stage. Even though the sugary products are prettier than ever, they still contain flour, sugar and sometimes shortening, butter, trans or saturated fat, with a pinch of salt thrown in for good measure, tantalizing and eye-catching.

The ingredients don’t sound as appealing as the finished products look and taste.

It’s interesting that a heart represents Valentine’s Day, because it would seem, therefore, that there would be concern about hearts, yours, and the hearts of loved ones. Are all those sugary products really being bought to give to friends and lovers?  Or, will you also wind up buying much of it for yourself? There seems to be more candy, cookies and cupcakes than there are friends and lovers in the world! Perhaps the V and D in Valentine’s Day could stand for Very Damaging to your health; give a card and flowers instead, even to yourself. You don’t need things that will destroy your blood vessels and your body.

Choose radiant red raspberries or strawberries, which are an investment in your own heart, rather than sugary hearts, which can slowly, over time, along with other junk food, stop the blood flow to the heart, mind and body, too, by increasing cholesterol levels and causing plaque deposits in the arteries. Put your money into your heart and your health instead of into the pockets of those that produce the products that can cause destruction.

Investing money can be an overwhelming mystery and quite complicated, but this is a simple and concrete way to invest your money in your own healthy future: Go to the grocery store and head straight to the strawberries and raspberries, ripe for the picking. They’re beautiful and pay back in healthy dividends. Learn to love what is good for you. Think “sweet dreams” rather than “sweet treats.”

The article this month is short and sweet, just like the month of February. The KISS slogan can stand for Keep It Simple, Sweetheart! Have a happy and healthy Valentine’s Day and a Happy and Healthy Heart Day!

Here’s a tip from a Humane Society of the United States pet calendar: “Looking for the love of your life? Try your local animal shelter, and find that perfect pet this Valentine’s Day.”

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