Missing in Action ~ Part 2


As free as the breeze, child in red dress running along Chicago's beautiful lakefront by Terry Tasche

“Free as the Breeze” ©Terry Tasche







•••••  We covered the importance of exercise in Missing in Action Part 1, which helps:

  • make muscles more muscular.
  • rev up metabolism.
  • increase the ability to recover mobility.
  • improve mental attitude and mood.
  • And, all of these benefits are reminders to exercise on Monday.

Here are all the days of the week with each day’s related mindset, which begins with the letter of each day:

  • Monday:  As previously stated, Muscles, Metabolism, and Mobility can be the focus on Monday, because exercise like walking can speed up metabolism and strengthen leg muscles so we’ll stay mobile for a lifetime. It’s also important to add some arm exercises along with strength-training exercises and stretching to improve flexibility. And, don’t forget that exercise improves mental attitude and mood, along with the ability to mentally focus.
  • Tuesday: The Ticker needs exercise for heart health. It helps prevent stroke by clearing out the plaque and improving heart function.
  • Wednesday: Weight management and weight-bearing exercise, which includes walking, are the goal today, to reduce weight and strengthen bones. Taking the old, and young, bones for a walk helps keep them strong. W-O-W: Walk On Wednesday, which can also help Walk Off the Weight.
  • Thursday: Think about the Thinker and how exercise and oxygen benefit the brain. Eat walnuts while walking for healthy brain function. If we can’t remember to do this, maybe we need to exercise more. Also, challenge the brain with reading and games, e.g., Sudoku, Jumble, etc.
  • Friday: Flow of oxygen helps the circulation, lung capacity, and blood supply to all the cells and body parts. These are the goals for Friday. Brisk walking increases breathing, delivering oxygen (aerobic: exercise that improves transportation of oxygen) to all the cells and organs. Oxygen is a valuable commodity and it’s FREE on Fridays, and every day! Exercise the freedom to breathe in free oxygen. It’s an offer we can’t refuse. Inactivity affects all the bodily systems, right down to the cellular level of the power-producing mitochondria.

Plan to have at least one smoke-free day if you’re a smoker, and breathe in clean and FREE oxygen every Friday. One day without smoke can’t hurt. If anyone in your house smokes, ask him/her NOT to smoke in the house for your sake. And, suggest they try stopping for a day or two, or completely, for both your sakes.

  • Saturday: The Skeletal System, our bones, need a little extra attention so strengthen them with weight-bearing exercise like walking. Stamina and energy increase with exercise, too. Another good S word for Saturday.
  • Sunday: Sabbath and rest are for Sunday, because you deserve a break one day, unless you took one or more rest days during the week!

Just look at that! The wonder of it all is that each organ/system gets the benefit every time we walk and exercise. It’s not just the muscles on Monday and the ticker on Tuesday. This idea is to help you focus on what you’re doing so you’ll understand some of the specific and critical benefits of exercise.

The whole body gets all the benefits. Each part won’t even be jealous that the other parts are getting the gift of health, too! The heart won’t say, “Hey, this is my day! Beat it, brain!” It doesn’t mind that the other parts get to have the enjoyment of being helped and healthy, too. Each partakes in the health of the others. When one suffers, they all suffer. When one is healthy, it improves the health of all. The body is a unit and all the parts work together when it’s given a little help.

Be as free as the breeze, breathing in free oxygen, like the little girl in red who’s pictured above running along Chicago’s beautiful lakefront.

Copyright © Terry Tasche – All Rights Reserved

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  1. Emily December 15, 2014 at 12:00 am #

    You have done it again. A cleaver way to keep us thinking about staying healthy and fit. Will try to stick with the program this week and get some walk time so my body, heart and mind keep working.

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