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Missing in Action ~ Part 2

We have covered the importance of exercise to make muscles more muscular, to rev up our metabolism, and to increase the ability to help improve mobility. And, that’s just for Monday. Here are all the days of the week with each day’s related mindset, which begins with the letter of each day . . .

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Geese in snow, red trees

“Sweet” Smarts

  Don’t Delay. Start Today.  When You Control the Carbs, You Control the Craving! Complex Carbs (foods with fiber like fruits & vegetables) can help Curb Craving. Sweet and Simple Carbs (RS/RF refined sugar & refined flour foods) can Cause Craving. One fast, but maybe not so easy, way to stop eating junk-food carbs, called simple carbs, is […]

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Body Bank Deposits

“If we do not change our direction, we are likely to end up where we are headed.” We all know that depositing checks, cash, and gold coins into our financial bank accounts heads us in the direction of future financial health. Like making deposits into bank accounts, it’s just as important to . . .

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