Sharing Our Stories ~ SOS: Saving OurSelves ~ Part 1

girl in a red coat and dog walk along Chicago's North Pond in the snow

“Winter Wonderland” by © Terry Tasche

“Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: “What! You too? I thought I was the only one.” C. S. Lewis

SOS is the Morse code distress signal that stands for a call or signal requesting help. You may be unaware of how the obsession with junk food can become a snare. You know it’s harmful and want to be set free, but feel hopeless in the struggle.

Sending out an SOS, a sincere plea for help, can be the first step. I myself was caught in the trap and couldn’t seem to leave junk food alone. Although this admission and call for help seemed like defeat at the time, it turned out to be a good thing. What started as my helplessness soon turned into hope as I found others who were struggling, too. Willingness to ask for help was a powerful beginning. Willingness to say, “God, what can I do? I am out of control,” opened the door of my acceptance and ability to hear the answer as five simple words came to mind, “Tell someone what you’re eating.” Although shocked by the thought, I soon found three friends that I could share my struggle with anyway, and it worked. I know that if it could work for me, it can probably work for you, too. I invite you to send out an SOS, which can also stand for:

  • Sharing Our Stories
  • Sharing Our Struggles
  • Sharing Our Successes
  • Saving OurSelves!!

Sharing our stories can save our lives as we find out that we’re not alone after all. Together we can do what it takes to stay on the path to grow healthier bodies.

Who should we share with? Share with others who may also have stories, struggles, secrets, and successes to share and who want to get control of their eating. It’s like building a strong foundation with essential support.

I didn’t know that I would learn so much about myself by writing and telling others what I was eating and thinking about food. But, it helped me as I fought against the enticement of junk food.

It definitely took courage to admit that I was under the tyrannical spell of the empty calories called junk food. I’d never thought of exposing my eating, or my junk food secrets. But really, what did I have to lose, except weight and high cholesterol, potential heart disease and diabetes? I was looking down the road at potential health issues that were bound to happen if I didn’t change my horrible eating habits.

Like Oprah’s monthly column in O magazine, “What I Know for Sure,” here’s five things I’ve learned and now know for sure about my love of junk food:

1) I can’t be trusted to have junk food too close by. So, remove the temptation, because I can’t be trusted when it’s around.
2) I shouldn’t bake cookies from scratch, even though they are to send to a daughter in college or for a party, because I’ll eat the dough and the cookies!
3) I can’t let hunger take control by getting overly hungry. Keep some nuts handy to hold off hunger.
4) I can’t sit around and do nothing and still expect to have strong muscles, bones, heart, immune system, etc.
5) I can’t do it alone, but being connected to others with the same love of unhealthy food (remember the UFO: Unhealthy Food Obsession) helps me to no longer feel alone in this battle.

Next we’ll see ten things you can do to help fight the battle against junk food. Until next time, why not take a walk in the park?

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