Don’t Be Gullible! Know Your Adversaries!

“When you know better, you do better.” Maya Angelou

Hopefully the above quote is true of you. But, I find I need lots of R&R, reenforcements and reminders to stay on track, whatever my goal is.

I just saw the movie Darkest Hour about Winston’s Churchill’s struggle to get Britain’s leaders on board to fight Hitler and save their country. Many leaders thought negotiating peace talks with Hitler would save them from being taken over by the enemy. It seems that Churchill was the one who really understood their enemy. The other leaders thought they could negotiate with peace talks. Was anyone successful in suggesting peace talks with Hitler? I think not! He was determined to destroy and conquer everything in his path. There seemed to be no stopping him. He was marching across Europe and destroying and conquering country after country. City after city was falling under his command. Hitler was taking over and claiming all their booty and killing millions of bodies.

Adversaries are deceitful. They love the Gullible. Knowing your enemies is the way to win the battle. Being naive will allow the enemy to get what he wants. Knowing the enemy’s strategy takes wisdom to understand the enemy for who and what he is. We need to be as tough and strong as the enemy if you want to defeat him.

Concerning your health, who is your enemy? A sedentary lifestyle full of fat and carbs to name just three. Are any of these aiming at you as their target? Are they taking you down slowly but surely and not allowing you to win at losing…weight that is?

Here are 3 things to help you lead your counterattack:

#1 Get up and move! The Apple Watch even has a reminder to get up at least every hour. And, if you can only sit in a chair, lift your legs and wiggle your feet, grab the milk carton and lift several times, and rotate your head to loosen your shoulder muscles. Chin up, chest out, shoulders back, and breathe deeply. Trust me. You’ll begin to feel better.

#2 Cut down on saturated fats and artificial sugars, too. Increase your omega-3 fatty acids like olive oil, nuts and seeds.

#3 Cut down on simple carbs. Cut out sodas. Eat healthy snacks. Increase complex carbs like fruits and vegetables, which contain necessary fiber, too.

Which one of these can you do today and keep doing this week? Write it down and do it daily! Because you’ll never win if you don’t understand the enemy!

Don’t let the enemy steal your valuable health. Here’s to knowing your enemy and doing what is necessary to improve your health, and life.

“When you know better, you do better.” Maya Angelou

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